History in the making:
Since the discovery of the atmosphere and aerospace that surrounds earth, there have only been a few remarkable inventions and technological advancements in this field that changed the way we live today. Aeroplanes, Aerodynamics and the science and technology of Aerospace travel are all scientific discoveries, inventions and technologies that have become part of our everyday lives. Aeronet network technology is here to be added to this list and is undoubtedly the next generation in network connectivity that will change the way your business connects to the world of Information and Communication Technology.

The Information industry relies heavily on the Communication Technology sector and to strengthen Aeronet's position in this market, Aeronet partnered with South Africa's leading and most successful communications vendor namely; Internet Solutions. This has enabled us to achieve market dominance in the provision of Corporate and Broadband Internet services, and is uniquely positioned to provide holistic solutions covering a wide range of services and technologies via Aeronet's Internet Services. The network at Aeronet is a super fast data network that connects our infrastructure clients to the Internet and the rest of the world. Aeronet ensures to remain at the forefront of Internet technologies, development and innovation. Aeronet provides fast, reliable and cost efficient Internet, Wireless Internet and Wide Area Network infrastructure solutions to clients in all industries. The core competencies of this division blanket Corporate Diginet Access Internet services, Dialup solutions like ISDN & ADSL and Wireless Broadband Internet.